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Let us make you a star on Google Maps and the Google Search engine. Build a great website or help boost traffic to your current site. Boosted Facebook posts made custom for the needs of a business is another tool we are skilled with using.  At Google Maps marketing Agency we offer all this and more at a low cost. Our proven results help get more people to come your way. 

Let an expert handle Your Google Maps Page and more

Stay On Top Of Web Marketing with Google Maps

Many business owners overlook how essential ranking well on Google Maps is to an overall marketing strategy. Google search engine market share in 2018 was 89.95% on desk tops and a whopping 95.19% on mobile devices. Google Maps is the first thing people see when searching Google. Many consumers go directly to their Google Maps app and search for a business category.  The key is optimizing how a business ranks among others. How a business ranks is dependent on several factors that are subject to change periodically. A google maps manager has the experience and expertise to take care of all the little things that must be done on a regular basis to help maintain great positioning.  

Having a low cost Google Maps manager cover all of the bases to make sure your business is taking advantage of every possible Google Maps features is a reasonable course of action and great marketing decision. Handling your Google Maps the right way is no easy task to learn and is time consuming. This is time many busy business owners cannot afford to spend in front of a computer.


What your Google Maps Manager does


As an advertising agency we know that the Google Maps Post feature is an excellent way to keep everyone up to date on what's new,events,offers, and products. As your Oklahoma City Google Maps Manager we will post content on a regular basis. Those who follow the business will be notifies and others will see it while browsing the internet as well. We are not an ad agency that compels businesses to use costly advertising schemes. We get customers excited about getting a sweet deal! Keep it simple, effective, and affordable.  

Photo And Video

Photos are the bread and butter of a Google Maps Places Page. We photograph and post photos monthly, including a 360 tour from the business side. If your business has photos posted from others that are not appropriate, offensive, or not of the location we will take action to initiate removal. We also post short videos on the Google Maps page that are custom made for your business. 

Responding To Reviews

Are your customers raving about you on Google Maps?

We professionally answer those and all other reviews on behalf of your business. It is always good to respond to a review. The person who wrote it will receive an email showing our response and others see that a business takes feedback seriously.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ And Follow Us

You definitely want to promote 5 star reviews. We do our best to advise a business how to get more great reviews and will reach out to customers when appropriate to remedy a negative online review. The recent addition of "Follow Us" on Google Maps is an excellent way to engage with customers and another tool we help to encourage.    

Staying Active And Data Sharing

As experts at internet marketing we understand the little things that go into helping a business rank well. Our opinion after years of building websites and optimizing them to rank highly on search engines is that being active is very  important. This is why we take advantage of various Google Maps features on a monthly basis while monitoring the progress through insights and reporting these results to the business. 

Web Sites And Taking Actions On Other Platforms.

If you already have a website that's great. We can help by taking a look at it and giving advice to help both it and your Google Maps Page rank higher. We can also build a website or assist with helping your current site perform better if needed. We also offer ways to market your business economically on Facebook as an additional way to help a business earn more customers.

Our primary focus when assisting a business is Google Maps. We are confident that Google Maps is the best thing a business can do correctly on the internet. We also strongly think that having someone who knows all of the things a business can and should be doing regularly on Google Maps as well as ensuring high ranking websites and doing boosted Facebook posts is a worthy investment. It is our pleasure to help your current website rank higher or build a website for you and take the needed steps to get it to rank well. Another of the tools we have strong confidence in and create for a business are the boosted Facebook posts. We create stand out photo and video at your business and create the boosted Facebook Posts that fit your needs. We generally post these on our community page. We also use Facebook to promote website URLs. Many factors go into helping a businesses Google Maps Page or website rank near the top but putting us on your team means you have someone with years of web marketing experience to cover it.   

Google Street View Trusted


What it means to be a Google Street View Trusted Photographer

 Earning the Street View trusted badge allows a photographer to be featured in the Google Street View index of for-hire professionals.  Street view photographers are distinguished contributors with fifty approved and published 360 photos that meet or exceed the required photo quality criteria .

Bringing More To The Table As your Google Maps Manager


                Street View Trusted photographers can publish a 360 virtual tour of your business.               

                As your Maps manager we will also do a virtual tour that delivers immersive, panoramic experiences to build  trust among prospective customers before they walk in. A trusted professional can help you create a  Street View virtual tour.


                Leverage the expertise of a trusted pro who is:               

  • Proficient in capturing and publishing 360 photos  and linking the to become your virtual tour 
  • Certified and familiar with Google image quality standards
  • Supports business owners by becoming their Google Maps Manager through Google My Business.


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